How is the “Seven Steps” different from the “Gupta Program”?

My CFS program is firmly based on the scientific psychoneuroimmunological principles of the current research on chronic fatigue syndrome. The self-help program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and builds on scientifically proven methods. Furthermore, the focus is placed on teaching models and tasks to adopt a benevolent attitude towards oneself and sharpen the understanding of one’s reactions. Body-oriented exercises are also instructed, which should help you regulate yourself, relax, and promote activity. As already mentioned, the program takes seven steps, which build on each other and are ultimately intended to give you a tool to stabilize yourself in the long term and alleviate your symptoms. In addition to the program, you will receive weekly emails – a total of 25 -which should serve as a little reminder. These contain various tasks and exercises and other content-related information, e.g., dealing with nutrition, which should support you in your everyday life. The tasks relate to mental techniques or specific “homework” that would be useful for stabilization. Other programs available on the internet and my self-help program overlap in mindfulness exercises and relaxation aspects; some of my patients used it in addition.



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