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  • I found the contents of the 7 steps very informative.
    The emails were a good regular stimulus.
    The tasks did not overwhelm me.
    The program showed a good knowledge of my illness.
    The supportive wording in the emails has done me very well.
    I was able to work at my own pace.
    The introspection instructions were helpful.
    The body scan exercises were helpful.
    The breathing exercises were helpful.
    The relaxation exercises were helpful.
    Die Übungen zum Genießen Lernen waren hilfreich.
    The model "I am the captain of my life" gave me strength.
    The energy barrel model brought me to think.
    The model "The deep hole" gave me courage to evaluate myself differently.
    The model of the relationships between the influencing factors gave me important insights.
    How much has your performance changed.
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